5. Aural & Theory

Aural or Theory lessons may be taught on a regular or occasional basis up to Grade 8 level. You do not have to be learning an instrument with me, and many music teachers are very happy for their pupils to receive this extremely beneficial extra tuition.

Good aural skills are an essential part of a musician’s development, and so a proportion of any violin or piano lesson that I teach is devoted to improving the sense of pitch, rhythm, pulse and stylistic awareness. Actually they can be great fun, and most pupils enjoy this section of the lesson. These skills aid progress and can increase playing confidence in leaps and bounds. Furthermore, should a pupil wish to take a graded music exam, they will be required to complete various Aural Tests, for which many marks can be awarded.

aural quote

As with Aural, music Theory is designed to create a clearer understanding of how music is put together. Although basic music theory is incorporated into all my piano and violin lessons, a separate lesson devoted to theory can be hugely beneficial.

For those wishing to take their playing level above Grade 5 standard (the highest being Grade 8, followed by Diploma), the ABRSM examining board requires entrants to hold a Grade 5 Theory certificate.